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Emily Johnson



For nearly a decade, StrongerU Senior Fitness was just an idea. Emily initially wanted to be a dentist, but a volunteer opportunity during university opened her eyes to working with older adults. It wasn't long before she quickly realized that it was her calling to serve this incredible demographic. This became the beginning of her career in community chronic disease management working with individuals performing cardiac rehab, recovering from stroke, battling and recovering from cancer, Parkinson's Disease, and more. She then discovered a career in senior living where she worked as a Life Enrichment Assistant, Manager, and a Regional Manager supporting a team of 49 senior-serving professionals. It was in these two previous roles where Emily realized the widespread need for StrongerU Senior Fitness.

Emily Johnson StrongerU Senior Fitness

We often associate aging with chronic disease, falls, frailty, and dementia, yet, research shows that it doesn't need to be. Through the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Course and sharing her knowledge through educational presentations, Emily is debunking common misconceptions related to aging and exercise and showing that many of the negative consequences associated with aging are actually due to inactivity. 

StrongerU Senior Fitness was developed to benefit more than just the physical. The unique and dynamic programming uses a holistic approach to strengthen wellness' physical, intellectual, social, emotional, vocational, and spiritual dimensions. 



Emily has shared her vision and education with activity, recreation, fitness, and senior living professionals through numerous conference and webinar presentations, podcasts, articles, and more. 

Here are just a few of pieces she has been featured in:

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Business Meeting
StrongerU Senior Fitness
StrongerU Senior Fitness
StrongerU Senior Fitness

StrongerU Senior Fitness is proud and thankful to be supported by these amazing organizations.

Without their ongoing collaboration and our collective genius, StrongerU wouldn't be able to make the impact it has on the lives and wellbeing of seniors around the world.



Emily is a frequent guest speaker at conferences, events, post-secondary institutions, and for a variety of organizations:


Together We Care 2023 Convention & Trade Show

Wednesday, March 29th "Panel: A Candid Conversation about Resident Engagement”

2023 National Association of Activity Professionals Annual Conference

April 30th - May 3rd “Partners, Teams, & Groups, Oh My!: Social Fitness Experiences”

Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association 2023 Conference

Thursday, May 11th “Partners, Teams, & Groups, Oh My!: Social Fitness Experiences”


Emily's session at the 2021 ATRA Conference:

4.86 out of 5

on average in participant feedback.

"Thank you. That was an excellent session. Lots to take back to work!"

"That was the fastest hour yet... she managed to get her main points across in that record time. well done"

"I have had certifications in the past but at times still feel
uncomfortable teaching classes, especially with seniors with dementia. I
love the topics beyond physical program design!"

"Very knowledgeable presenter. Learned a lot!"

"Wonderful session. Emily is a great advocate for wellness!"

"She managed to cover all her basis clearly in that 1 hour. Was engaging.
I would look at signing up StrongerU if I was in charge of exercise."

"Top on my list - well done"

“I gained so much valuable information from this session! Great stuff!”

2021 TRO Webinar Feedback:

95% voted YES

StrongerU Senior Fitness
StrongerU Senior Fitness

100% voted YES

when asked if they'd like to attend other sessions on the topic of senior fitness.

when asked if they would recommend the StrongerU Senior Fitness session to others.

2021 GTRA Conference feedback:

a perfect score on

6 out of 7 questions

and 97% rating on the 7th question.

Emily Johnson StrongerU Senior Fitness

Do you want to inspire and empower your audience? Inquire about having Emily present at your next event.


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