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The Art of Senior Fitness Program Design

The Art of Senior Fitness Program Design.....yes, it's a mouthful! To us, creating exceptional senior fitness experiences is not just programming, science, creativity, strategy- it's all of these things working together. At StrongerU Senior Fitness, we're on a mission to elevate and innovate the senior fitness experience. We started our journey by becoming Canada's first pre-choreographed senior fitness series. StrongerU Senior Fitness is the first senior fitness certification in Canada to not only give you an exercise science based foundation to teaching senior fitness classes, but we also give you ongoing, pre-choreographed monthly class content to learn and teach exactly as outlined. We've heard too many instructors (certified and not) tell us that after taking a fitness, or senior fitness, course that they still don't really know what to teach. So, inspired by the pre-choreographed titans in general group fitness like Les Mills, Zumba, Orange Theory Fitness, and more, we set out to innovate the senior fitness sector.

It's important to us to provide means other than the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Course for instructors and organizations to elevate their senior fitness programming- and so The Art of Senior Fitness Program Design was born.

The Art of Senior Fitness Program Design is a weekly, 30-minute LinkedIn and Facebook Live Series hosted by StrongerU Senior Fitness Founder and Creative Director, Emily Johnson. Weekly, she covers topics on all things senior fitness and more. Whether you decide to become a StrongerU Senior Fitness instructor or not, we want to give you best practices and strategies to help elevate your senior fitness offering. Older adults have paved the way for the world we live in today. It is now our turn to give them not only longevity, but quality of life. So we invite you to join us for the Art of Senior Fitness Program Design live on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you enjoy what you see, we invite you to share the videos below on your favourite social media platforms. Together, we can elevate senior fitness classes around the world! We hope you'll join us.

In episode one, Emily debunks common myths about aging and exercise and takes you through a FITT Audit to apply to your organization's senior fitness program.

Ep 2: Multi-dimensional Programming - How do you turn physical activity into a fitness experience and create a program with something for everyone?

Ep 3: Outcome-based Programming - Learn how to take your older adult fitness program to the next level by adding outcome-based components such as goal setting, fitness testing, and more.

Ep 4: Upper Body Strength Training - In this episode, Emily discusses the muscles of the upper body and some examples of exercises to incorporate into your program.

Ep 5: Lower Body Strength Training - In this episode, Emily discusses the muscles of the lower body and some examples of exercises to incorporate into your program.

Ep 6: An Intro to the StrongerU Senior Fitness Certification - If you've been thinking about joining the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Community, or just want to know more about Canada's first pre-choreographed senior fitness series, then this is the episode for you.

Ep 7: A Checklist for Success - What are the components needed to create exceptional fitness experiences? Emily takes you through a comprehensive checklist to identify where you're succeeding and where your opportunities are. Check out the Checklist below.

The Art of Senior Fitness Program Design
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Ep 8: Participant Onboarding - First impressions are important. In this episode, we'll discuss ways to enhance the journey from 'sign-up to show-up' for a new participant including: participant discovery, goal setting, and fitness testing.

Ep 9: Exercise Adherence - How do you help someone progress from no desire to participate in physical activity, to their first class, to a regular exerciser? Once they are a regular exerciser, how do you help keep them engaged? Join StrongerU Senior Fitness Founder and Creative Director, Emily Johnson, to discuss exercise adherence strategies.

Ep 10: Challenges, Contests, and Gamification - Who enjoys a little friendly competition? Challenges, Contests, and Gamification are great ways to enhance your current program!

Ep 11: Cardio Programming and Heart Health - In this episode, Emily reviews the benefits, research, and components to help your participants reach their 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity!

Ep 12: Lisa Moorhead joins Emily to talk about the importance of Fitness and Wellness in Senior Living.

Ep 13: Special guest Ron Freckleton shares his experience and advice as an active ager.

Ep 14: Fitness and Recreation during COVID-19.

Ep 15: Keeping your residents engaged during COVID-19 - This week, Emily took a step away from our usual fitness focused topics to discuss strategies and best practices for keeping your residents engaged during COVID-19. See the Wellness Challenge and Tracker resources below.

Wellness Challenge
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Wellness Tracker
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Ep 16: Balance Training and Falls Prevention - More than 1.6 million seniors fall each year, yet an estimated 90% of falls are preventable. In this episode, Emily discusses balance training and falls prevention.

Ep 17: Mindfulness, Meditation and Mind-body Exercise - It's Canadian Mental Health Week! If there was ever a season to develop a mindfulness practice, this is it! Emily discusses the difference between mindfulness, meditation, and mind-body exercise and how to incorporate them into your senior fitness program.

So which episode was your favourite? What topics would you like to see covered in future episodes? Don't forget to like and follow the StrongerU Senior Fitness LinkedIn and Facebook pages to join Emily live nearly every Friday. Share your favourite videos with your social networks and don't forget to tag StrongerU Senior Fitness.

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