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Become a Senior Fitness Instructor

Changing the way we approach senior fitness education.

StrongerU Senior Fitness is an innovative fitness education company whose purpose is to empower recreation, fitness, and wellness professionals and senior-serving organizations. We provide education, tools, and resources so that you can deliver high-quality, dynamic, and effective fitness experiences to the older adults you serve.

Senior Fitness Class


I liked how it was broken down into small segments with a quiz. Easy to pick up and do a section with a small amount of time. It was all very relevant and everything related to the specific population we are working with.

StrongerU Senior Fitness is the first senior fitness education company globally to offer an online, self-paced instructor course and 30 minutes of brand new class content to instructors monthly in a rotation of four formats: Cardio, Strength, Stretch, and Balance. 


Senior Fitness


engages the heart, lungs, and brain through aerobic movement combinations set to music.


 StrongerU Cardio participants move and groove their

way to healthier hearts and lungs.

Senior Fitness


 activates each of the major muscle groups, and brain, using dumbbell weights, resistance bands, and air-light balls.


This program uses interesting movement combinations, instead of boring repetitions, to engage each of the major muscle groups.

Senior Fitness


is aimed at maintaining and increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Each class begins with a warm-upprogressing into head-to-toe stretching, and ends with a themed guided relaxation, mindfulness, and purposeful breathing.

Senior Fitness

promotes increased balance and fall prevention.


In this class, we don't just stand on one foot or walk the line, instead, each class uses an air-light ball to complete drills and exercises that truly help to prevent real-world fall scenarios. 


Each StrongerU Senior Fitness Program can be taught seated or standing. During the course, Instructors are taught how to modify the class content so it's perfect for the specific group of seniors they work with, whether that’s in long-term care, memory care, independent living, or at a senior center. There are StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructors delivering our class content in all of these settings!


We've partnered with leading organizations within the fitness, recreation, and senior-serving sectors!

The StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Course is accredited through various educational and association partners for CEUs and CECs, deepening our roots within the fitness, recreation, and activity professional world as a verified training source.