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At StrongerU Senior Fitness, we often hear some version of the following statement,

"I've taken a senior fitness course, learned the theory and some exercises, but I'm still not sure how to teach a quality, safe, and effective senior fitness program"

 StrongerU Senior Fitness is Canada's first pre-choreographed senior fitness series offering online instructor certification and 30-minutes of new content every month via an instructional video and choreography notes. We bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation by giving you everything you need to teach a quality senior fitness class. 

Accredited by canfitpro for 4 FIS, PTS or HWL CECs. 

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About StrongerU Senior Fitness

Rooted in Exercise Science

StrongerU Senior Fitness addresses a need in Canada for quality and consistent senior fitness programming. Group fitness has increasingly shifted toward the pre-choreographed model, where instructors receive class content containing an instructional video, choreography notes, and suggested music. Surprisingly, until StrongerU Senior Fitness, this did not exist for senior fitness. As a fitness instructor, your time is valuable. The less time you spend choreographing, the more time you can spend making a difference in the lives of the seniors you work with. By 2030, there will be over 9.5 million seniors making up 23% of the Canadian population. Currently 90% of seniors live with at least one chronic health condition. Studies continue to show us that engaging in physical activity is the most effective way to stay healthy as we age.

The StrongerU Senior Fitness Series

Monthly program content helps your participants meet Canada's Physical Activity Guidelines.

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StrongerU Cardio

Canada's physical activity guidelines for older adults recommend 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity per week. Set to musical favourites, StrongerU Cardio participants can march, move, and dance their way to a healthier heart and lungs.

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StrongerU Strength

Canada's physical activity guidelines for older adults recommend muscle and bone strengthen activities twice per week. StrongerU Strength can help increase muscular strength and endurance focusing on the major muscle groups. Instead of mindless repetitions, participants are engaged in changing tempos and interesting movement combinations.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

StrongerU Stretch

This program focuses on increasing and maintaining flexibility. Each class includes a component of mindfulness, purposeful breathing, and guided relaxation.

StrongerU Circuit

This program focuses on exercises and drills to increase balance and prevent falls. Each class begins with a group warm up, followed by cardiovascular, strength, coordination and balance drills, and ends with a cool down and stretch.

Become a StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor

The StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Course is now live! Click the link below to learn more and enroll. Contact us for special group and department rates.   

StrongerU Senior Fitness for Business

Set your business apart by adopting Canada's first pre-choreographed senior fitness series. Once your staff complete their online certification, they will be eligible to subscribe to the StrongerU Senior Fitness Series which arms instructors with 30-minutes of new content monthly ensuring safe, engaging, and quality fitness experiences for your customers. StrongerU Senior Fitness is a good fit for:

Community & Recreation Centers

Senior Living

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