Become a StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor

StrongerU Senior Fitness is a premier pre-choreographed senior fitness series. We are the first senior fitness instructor certification of our kind globally!  Here are the steps to becoming a fully certified StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor:

  1. Complete the StrongerU Senior Fitness online certification ($250 CAD/ $186 US) at your own pace and around your schedule. Click the button below to enroll today!

  2. Practice and master your first class content (instructional video and choreography notes provided).

  3. Film your practical video. You do not have to teach to a live class. It is recommended you film in your living room or other private space. 

  4. Submit your practical video for assessment. 

  5. Submissions will receive a "pass" or a "resubmit". Upon receiving a passing grade, you are now a StrongerU Senior Fitness certified instructor

  6. Subscribe to the StrongerU Senior Fitness series ($20 CAD/ $15 US/ month) to receive your monthly class materials containing an instructional video and choreography notes​.


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