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Helping the leaders of tomorrow grow today...

Our mission at StrongerU Senior Fitness is to help improve the health and wellness of seniors through providing education, tools, and resources to those who work in senior-serving roles in fields such as recreation therapy, gerontology, kinesiology, fitness and health promotion, social service worker, and more. 


As the population of people aged 65+ increases globally, we believe that the key to their welfare lies with the senior-serving professionals of tomorrow.

To this end, we've partnered with 
post-secondary institutions to build the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Course right into courses and curriculum, so students graduate ready to help seniors thrive and with a leg up in the job market.

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The Therapeutic Recreation Assistant (Gerontology Specialization) Program at Stenberg College and Recreation Therapy Program at Mohawk College are just two examples of schools we've partnered with to ensure every student who graduates their program has completed the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Course and are ready to deliver high quality and engaging senior fitness classes in settings such as long-term care, assisted and independent living, and community-based seniors programs.

We're excited to continue expanding our partnerships with institutions like yours! If you'd like to learn more, or share the opportunity with your alma mater, click the button below!



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Unique Skills in Holistic & Senior Wellness

An Advantage with Employers who have the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Course as a Hiring Pre-requisite


This course was very well explained by backing up scientifically and teaching us some basics of anatomy and physiology so we can understand this more deeply.
Not only that, but how much many myths that were barriers for some people were explained and removed for their better health.

Give your students the chance to build lifelong skills that will give them a leg up in multiple professional care roles throughout their career!

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