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StrongerU Senior Fitness Partners with the Recreation Therapy Program at Mohawk College!

StrongerU Senior Fitness is proud to announce its partnership with the Recreation Therapy Program at Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology in Hamilton, Ontario. This collaboration will help advance the practical skills for Recreation Therapy students who are hoping to pursue a career working with older adults.

Emily Johnson, founder of StrongerU Senior Fitness, shares how working with students is something that has always been important to her. “Prior to founding StrongerU Senior Fitness, I always loved hosting students for their practicum placements, letting them join me in my roles to complete school projects, or just having a chat on LinkedIn about how they could land their dream job. I’m thankful for the amazing mentors I had in my university years and know that the time they spent with me and the wisdom they shared made all the difference in my career and life. I now aim to do my part in sharing knowledge with the next generation entering the field”.

StrongerU Senior Fitness’ Instructor Certification Program focuses on creating a bridge between theoretical learning and the practical application of teaching high quality fitness classes for older adults. At the end of the training, students will be certified to teach Cardio, Strength, Stretch, and Balance classes and have the tools they need to facilitate engaging and exciting classes.

“Through this partnership, over 50 students will enter the field of Recreation Therapy already set up to teach high-quality and engaging fitness classes that are good for the body and the brain,” shares Johnson. “Now, that’s exciting!”

Joanne Brohman, Program Coordinator and Professor of Recreation Therapy at Mohawk College, who helped to coordinate this partnership, also shares her own excitement about the potential that this collaboration has on the students and those they will work with in their future.

"I was excited to sit down with Emily Johnson to discuss the possibility of incorporating a unique fitness certification into our program of study,” she recalls. “The Mohawk College Recreation Therapy Program is well known for its commitment to providing experiential learning through the integration of theory and practice - the addition of the StrongerU Senior Fitness Certification to our program of study made perfect sense!”

“At the core, Recreation Therapists use leisure as a tool to help people of all ability levels make the most of their lives – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. We believe that by adding the StrongerU Senior Fitness training as a core training/certification in the Recreation Therapy program our students will be better equipped to enhance their practice and the quality of lives of the clients they support!” says Joanne.

Through this partnership, StrongerU's comprehensive training platform will equip students with front-end training and certification, along with access to 30 minutes of new class content monthly for them to learn and teach in their future roles. Additionally, students will be able to progress and regress classes to fit the specific needs of the groups they’ll work with and deliver big brain benefit and falls prevention in every class. We celebrate the Recreation Therapy Program at Mohawk College for giving their students the tools to help seniors live better, healthier lives!

For more information about the Mohawk College Recreation Therapy Program, please visit their website at

About StrongerU Senior Fitness:

StrongerU Senior Fitness is a leading provider of comprehensive fitness education solutions designed specifically for those working in (or planning to work in) senior-serving settings such as skilled nursing, long-term care, assisted living, independent living, and community centers. We offer an online instructor course and then 30-minutes of monthly class content for senior-serving professionals to learn and teach to their participants. Our ready-made program features a holistic approach and gives your team everything they need to be the in-house fitness experts.

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