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Empowering Engagement: Anthology Senior Living Directors of Engagement Embark on StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Certification Journey

Jan 9th, 2024

Today and tomorrow, Directors of Engagement at Anthology Senior Living, along with their Executive Directors and Directors of Sales and Marketing, will gather virtually to kick off the start of the teams becoming StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructors!

Over the next five weeks, the Directors of Engagement will make their way through the self-paced StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Course and learning their first 30-minutes of StrongerU class content to submit their practical videos and become fully certified StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructors. Once certified, they’ll be resourced with 30-minutes of brand-new class content monthly to learn and teach to their residents in four formats – Cardio, Strength, Stretch, and Balance.

“Anthology Senior Living is an organization committed to their resident experience and their Directors of Engagement.” said StrongerU Senior Fitness Founder, Emily Johnson. “I’m so excited for our team to support them in delivering the highest quality senior fitness programming to residents that’s good for the body, brain, and fall prevention.”

This strategic collaboration represents a noteworthy step forward in Anthology actioning on their purpose of providing their residents with the best in hospitality and care, so they can live their story in a beautiful, meaningful way by providing tailored fitness programming that offers multifaceted engagement in physical, intellectual, social, and emotional health.

"So many organizations promote their focus on health and wellness, active living, or quality fitness offerings.” Johnson continues, “Yet, not all follow through with ensuring their staff have the education, tools, and resources to deliver on the promises made on their websites.”

StrongerU Senior Fitness provides the very best senior-serving organizations and teams in the industry with the training, class content, and knowledge needed to deliver engaging fitness experiences for those they serve. Through high-quality, fun fitness programming, StrongerU Senior Fitness is an effective way to decrease falls and stave off chronic diseases and dementia while promoting physical strength, mental sharpness, and social connections among seniors.

Brenda Gurung, National Director of Resident Experience at Anthology Senior Living, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the investment in their team and residents. "We are delighted to work with StrongerU Senior Fitness. Their instructor certification program is both an investment in our Directors of Engagement and in our residents. I looked at a number of programs and love the variety of fitness courses, the growing catalogue of techniques, and the support of our team that StrongerU offers."

This alliance between StrongerU Senior Fitness and Anthology Senior Living signifies a shared commitment to redefining senior wellness by delivering high-quality fitness programs tailored to enhance the lives of residents across Anthology's communities.

To learn more about StrongerU Senior Fitness, visit:

To learn more about Anthology Senior Living, visit:

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