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What's being said about the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Certification?

As a fitness professional I enjoyed reviewing all of the concepts. It's been a while! There isn't anything I didn't enjoy. I loved it all!! I even learned new things along the way!

I found the modules were informative and easy to follow. I felt that I was able to learn quickly and stay engaged in my learning.

Great information and very well presented."

This program explains the concepts extremely well, and provides excellent definitions and examples that are thorough without being over complicated. StrongerU is organized, safe, informative, interesting and seems to be consistent from theory to practice.

Everything was really well put together!

I liked to be able to work through the material when I had the time in my schedule. The course was well planned out and was clear and consistent

How would you rate the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Certification out of 10?

10/10 This certification prepares the exercise leader to keep the participants safe while providing great programming.

I would give what I have learned up until now a 9.9/10. It is better catered to seniors in care than the [name of competitor removed] course that I took years ago, with much safer movements and better education. 

10- great info, presented clearly and concisely with ideas and facts building on each other."

Compared to

[name of competitor removed]

it's a 20/10."

10- it covered everything.

So well put together."