What's being said about the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Certification?

"Easy to read and absorb. Good review of training I have taken before (canfitpro),

Quick and effective way to get canfitpro CEC"

"I really liked how in-depth you were about the human anatomy, as a health and physical

ed student I think it is super important to understand exactly what muscles are being targeted and.

I also think talking about Health Risks was great!"

"I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to refresh my knowledge during the Covid Break.

I am currently teaching older adult fitness classes but I feel like I get stale. I am a single mom

and work several jobs and don't seem to find the time to make the changes I would like.

I love the idea of per-choreographed classes."

"I enjoyed the first section on learning about anatomy of the body and what each bone,

muscle, tendon ect I found it very interesting."

"easy to use and straight forward information"

"I like how the program is broken down. I have been leading senior fitness classes for

over 30 years so I am quite aware of what needs to be covered to run a safe successful class.

This program does this. I had my team take the course. Some of them are new to

teaching or new to senior fitness. They found the course informative and easy to follow along."

"This course is very streamlined and laid out well. I took a [name of competitor certification removed]

course about 17 years ago, the fitness knowledge was very long and I I used very little,

the instructor portion was good though. I enjoyed the pace of this course"

"Each section was the perfect length to maintain interest."

"access from any device. as I'm a busy person, I appreciated the knowledge quizzes as

opposed to a time consuming exam at the end. this program explains the concepts extremely well, and provides excellent definitions and examples that are thorough without being over complicated"

"We are always looking for ways to better serve our residents. Although it was a lot of information

I enjoyed learning the physiological component to the course."

"As a Fitness Professional I enjoyed the reviewing of all the concepts. It's been a while!"

"I found that the modules were informative and easy to follow. I felt that I was able to learn quickly

and stay engaged in my learning."

"I liked to be able to work through the material when I had the time in my schedule. The course was well planned out and was clear and consisted."

"Great information designed in an easy to follow format"

"Mobile friendly and easy to do as well as easy to learn (didn't need textbooks or lengthy classes)"

"I like the on line learning portion, it was easy to do it at any time any where with no pressure.

They were short enough that I could get through a couple a day." 

"I think this is a fantastic initiative and I'm so excited to be part of this and helping seniors !!!"

What would you rate the StrongerU Senior Fitness

 certification out of 10

and why?

"8 -lots of good information in a condensed form"

"10- very knowledgeable, easy to read and quick module tests making the information process easy."

"8 - the reason being is that it stayed on track with Senior Fitness rather diverting away to a younger age group"

"I would give it a solid 9 only because I think we can always improve, especially in such a rapidly growing industry like health and fitness."

"I would give what I have learned up until now a 9.9/10. It is better catered to seniors in care than the [name of competitor certification removed] course that I took years ago, with much safer movements and better education. I and many of my colleagues struggled with the complexities of [name of competitor certification removed] and the unfortunate inconsistencies between theory and practice with that program. StrongerU is organized, safe, informative, interesting and seems to be consistent from theory to practice."

"So far I would rate the course a 9. I can't think of how it could be improved at this time."

"10- It covered everything. So well put together."

"10/10 This certification prepares the exercise leader to keep the participants safe while providing great programming."

"I give it a 10 out of 10. Lots of info. Easy to follow. I like the online format that you can go at your own pace."

"Compared to [name of competitor certification removed] it’s 20/10"

"10 - great info, presented clearly and concisely with ideas and facts building on each other."

"9- I really enjoyed this course and I thought all of the information in the online modules were relevant." 

As of September 10th 2020, the average rating of the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Course is 9/10

and the most commonly awarded score is 10/10.

We are incredibly humbled by the feedback we receive. Thank you to all the individuals who have

joined us in elevating and innovating senior fitness programming!

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