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An improved standard of senior fitness in LTC: BiM Health Ontario and StrongerU Senior Fitness!

BiM Health Ontario chooses StrongerU Senior Fitness to empower their staff and improve the lives of Residents.

We’re thrilled to announce that BiM Health Ontario has chosen StrongerU Senior Fitness to support their rehab staff in delivering high-quality fitness programming to the Residents they serve in Long-Term Care Homes across Ontario. This choice brings together two organizations dedicated to excellence and empowering seniors through innovative and dynamic fitness programming.

"We couldn't be more excited to work with BiM Health Ontario! Every organization we partner with is one that strives for excellence, and BiM Health is no exception,” says Emily Johnson, Founder of StrongerU Senior Fitness. “They are empowering their Physiotherapist Assistants with the tools and resources to ensure that every Resident they work with can take part in the highest quality fitness programming.”

Back in Motion Rehab Inc (BiM Health Ontario’s parent organization) got their start in BC in 1993. For over 30 years, they’ve supported thousands of people to live better lives. Their mission is to inspire meaningful change through accessible health solutions, and they are committed to improving the day-to-day functioning and quality of life of individuals living in Long-Term Care Homes across Ontario.

BiM Health Ontario's VP Quality Improvement, Vicky Forsyth, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "BiM Health Ontario is pleased to announce our choice of StrongerU Senior Fitness, with the goals of upgrading the skills and creativity of our rehab staff and enriching the content of group exercises. Several of BiM Health's Core Values are reflected in our rationale for engaging the services of StrongerU Senior Fitness: Achieve Excellence – Do What it Takes; Teamwork – Achieve More Together; and Measure Up – Evidence-Informed Practices & Innovation."

StrongerU Senior Fitness is a leading provider of comprehensive fitness education and resources designed specifically for activity, fitness, and wellness professionals working with seniors. StrongerU will equip BiM Health's Physiotherapist Assistants with education and monthly class content that can be tailored to a variety of functional levels.

“I am particularly excited about the multi-pronged and holistic focus of the training, through Cardio, Strength, Stretch, and Circuit classes. Some unique features which will benefit the Residents include cognitive challenges to follow movement sequences, guided relaxation and mindfulness, and evidence-based fall prevention strategies. These will help BiM Health achieve our purpose of Helping people live better, healthier lives,” says Forsyth.

The BiM Health rehab team will be joining kick off calls this week to learn more about StrongerU Senior Fitness and the journey to certification.

“Quality fitness programming enhances overall fitness, but many organizations don't think about how it also helps Residents to eat better, sleep better, and feel better while helping reduce risk and improve safety for organizations. The effects are far-reaching for Residents, staff, organizations, and our health care system,” Johnson explains.

By combining expertise, StrongerU Senior Fitness and BiM Health Ontario are contributing to an improved standard of senior fitness programming in long-term care.

For more information about BiM Health Ontario and its services, please visit their website at:

For more information about StrongerU Senior Fitness:

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