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New Partnership Celebration: Aspira Retirement Living!

We couldn’t be more pleased to celebrate the Resident Engagement teams at Aspira Retirement Living becoming StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructors!

Aspira Retirement Living manages and operates over 40 retirement communities across three Canadian provinces. They believe in elevating the retirement living experience through personalization, choice and community engagement. All of their services and amenities are tailored to fit a resident lifestyle that promotes a better quality of life and helps unlock happiness. They aspire to be Canada's most trusted and most loved senior living provider and we’re so excited to help them achieve this.

What does this partnership mean for Aspira Retirement Living?

Nathan Castaneda, National Director of Resident Engagement at Aspira shares that the company was created with the philosophy of prioritizing the health and happiness of each person. “Our Resident Engagement Managers thrive in providing our residents with expertly designed physical activity programs, education, and initiatives that are aligned with the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for older adults and promote active living and overall wellbeing,” he shares. “Residents are invited to attend the appropriate class based on their goals and abilities.”

As our aging population grows, those serving seniors are in need of programming resources that meet the standards they hold themselves to when it comes to improving the life of older adults.

“In phase one of our first cohort rollout, our newest and non-certified Resident Engagement Managers will become StrongerU certified, followed by our previously certified team members to enhance skill and ability,” Castaneda shared with us when discussing Aspira’s plan to incorporate StrongerU Senior Fitness as a part of its enhanced offerings. “Our vision has always been to provide seniors and their families with exceptional living that celebrates independence and enriches livelihood, and we're excited to help them fulfill that vision.”

Castaneda is a seasoned veteran of the senior living industry having worked with many providers. Aspira, he praises, has been one that has gone above in beyond to collaborate and invest in their resident engagement team, stating their dedication and forward-thinking goes unmatched in their mission to better the lives of its residents and career of its employees.

Ensuring that older adults live healthy, happy, and independent lives is the core of any senior-serving professional and organization. Our job at StrongerU Senior Fitness has been to provide the education, tools, and resources necessary for engagement recreation professionals to improve the quality of life for those they work with.

“From a regional perspective, our partnership with StrongerU checks two major boxes,” says Emily Geddes, who is one of Aspira’s Regional Resident Engagement Partners. “One, is ensuring the residents who live in our communities have comprehensive A-one fitness experiences and two, is providing our recreation leaders with industry-leading opportunities for growth and professional development. The StrongerU team's support and hands-on approach makes this venture a three-sided win; for residents, for leaders, and for the support team.”

StrongerU Senior Fitness empowers recreation professionals with both theoretical and practical knowledge. We're the only fitness education company globally to offer a monthly subscription that sends instructors 30 minutes of new seated and standing class content, in a rotation of four formats, so that they can keep their classes fresh and engaging.

Our goal is to not only inspire older adults through a physical fitness program that engages and excites them, but to deliver that same rewarding experience to recreation and activity professionals; Eryn Perrow, Resident Engagement Manager at Aspira Lincoln Park couldn’t agree more.

“Health and wellness is always something I have been passionate about and I love that I get to share that with the residents I work with. I am so excited to gain more knowledge and experience through becoming a StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor.”

To date, StrongerU Senior Fitness has partnered with senior-serving professionals and organizations across Canada, the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand in a shared effort to enhance senior fitness programming.

“This is truly the first opportunity I have had to oversee the start of a program of this greatness which is a direct benefit to our most important customer: the resident,” Castaneda says. “The opportunity to partner with StrongerU is a massive benefit to our company.”

Learn more about StrongerU Senior Fitness and what we offer by visiting us at:

To learn more about Aspira Retirement Living, visit:

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