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New Partnership Celebration: Stenberg College Therapeutic Recreation Assistant Program

StrongerU Senior Fitness is proud to announce our new partnership with the Therapeutic Recreation Assistant Program at Stenberg College! The collaboration between StrongerU Senior Fitness and Stenberg College will help arm the students completing the 47-week online diploma program with career-defining skills.

“We are so excited to have our students complete the StrongerU Senior Fitness Certification,” shares Cheryl Bain, Therapeutic Recreation Assistant Department Head at Stenberg College. “The students will benefit greatly having this course and so will their clients.”

Stenberg College’s program focuses on preparing individuals who are passionate about improving the lives of others with a person-centered approach that brings joy to the lives of the older adults living and engaging in a variety of settings.

“When I was first approached to trial the StrongerU Senior Fitness training program, I wasn't really sure what to expect; I've taken other modified fitness programs for seniors, so I was curious to see what StrongerU had to offer,” says Stenberg instructor Dani Beauchamp. “I am happy to say that after going through the theory modules and participating in an instructor-led workshop with the students, StrongerU Senior Fitness was an excellent choice as a training program for our Therapeutic Recreation Assistant program.”

StrongerU Senior Fitness' certification program covers a range of topics that focuses on improving the physical and overall well-being of older adults through industry-leading fitness programming that promotes healthy aging, independence, fall prevention, and reduced risk or maintenance of chronic conditions. Stenberg Students will complete the online, self-paced portion of the StrongerU Senior Fitness Course and then take part in a specially designed 4-hour virtual workshop. Lastly, they will submit a practical video to obtain their full certification as StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructors.

Beauchamp mentions how she has taken other modified programs directed towards providing exercise classes for seniors, which sparked her curiosity about how StrongerU makes becoming a senior fitness instructor easier. “The continued support with new tracks/releases every month means the StrongerU Senior Fitness instructors have fresh and current, evidence-based exercise programs that they can offer to the seniors they are working with. Thanks to StrongerU Senior Fitness, I feel that our students are better prepared to enter practicum and the working field with this knowledge.”

We’re excited by every new organization we partner with at StrongerU Senior Fitness and this partnership is no exception! “Recreation professionals, and more often Recreation Assistants, are often thrown into their roles expected to know how to run high-quality exercise programs.” said StrongerU Senior Fitness Founder, Emily Johnson. “While they might have some exercise theory and a few exercises under their belt, many turn to Google and YouTube to try to put together programs using their limited education and experience which is tough on the recreation assistant and the group of seniors they work with. It’s tremendously commendable that Stenberg has chosen to arm their students with the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Certification and one year of new monthly class content for them to learn and teach in their future workplaces.”

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